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Great article for those who have or who are considering adopting trans-racially

I thought this article a very sweet example of how our children love us no matter what we look like even when the rest of the world may look at us askance.  It is also a reminder that often the simplest answer is the one our children are seeking and/or needing:

The Executive Director’s recently published article

I recently wrote an article for the Fall newsletter of the Washington State Society of Clinical Social Worker newsletter, entitled, “A Mother’s call to action“.  I have to admit it was a tough article to write but I knew in my heart I had to respond to the killing of Michael Brown but in a way that would get people moving not just complaining.  My hope is, clinicians, parents. friends and neighbors will read the article and find something that moves them to action.  We cannot stand idly by while a generation of young men of color are brutally murdered and jailed at a rate that far exceeds those of their white peers.

I can’t stand idly by while the very lives of MY sons and the lives of others’ sons are threatened simply because of the color of their skin.