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Therapy, consultation and support services in West Seattle…

Our office in West Seattle provides therapy services for children, adults and families, consultation services for those who are considering adoption and support services for those who have been touched by adoption or are considering adopting.  Our therapist specializes in adoption, attachment, trauma and trans-racial adoption.  Jill believes all individuals are unique and possess the skills and strengths necessary to live full and productive lives.  She works together with caregivers and their children to build and strengthen attachments as well as with individuals to support them in living more full and joyful lives.

With our therapy services we hope to be able to reach and assist more families.  If you are interested in our therapy service, please contact Jill:  or 206-408-7219 if you are interested in learning more.

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University of Washington’s School of Social Work newsletter:  Nice to get a blurb from my alma mater!

Oregon Post Adoption Resource Center: . At the bottom of the page under Out-of-State.