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If you are considering Trans-racial (“the joining of racially different parents and children together in adoptive families” )

If you are considering adopting a child of a race, ethnicity or culture that is different from your own, please go to: and read their resources on trans-racial adoption and watch their video: ” Considering Trans-racial Adoption: 4 questions to ask yourself”. Also visit Angela Tuckers website:

Please do your research prior to completing the application for in the words of Angela Tucker, ”  I was keenly aware that I did not quite belong. Because to belong meant that I could find products for my coarse afro-textured hair at a local store, makeup would be available in my skin color and I wouldn’t be petted on a weekly basis by curious citizens who wondered what my hair felt like. To belong meant I’d need to be white.”

It is essential that you fully understand what it means to parent a child of a different race, ethnicity and/or culture before bringing that child into your home.


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A must read

Angela Tucker’s blog is a must ready for Adoptive parents.  She is brutally honest and her discussions with other adoptees are very insightful.  I have watched these videos many times and often watch them with the teens I see in therapy. I encourage every adoptive parent to watch them as well as her documentary, “Closure”.