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My  office address is:  4138 California Ave SW, Suite C, Seattle, WA 98119.  I have joined forces with Laura Stone and Katie Stallman, both of whom are fabulous therapists.  By joining forces, we hope to be able to bring a new level of service to our clients.

Our Executive Director’s recently co-authored book is available

Our Executive Director co-authored a book of Games and Activities designed to help parents and caregivers strengthen their attachments with their children.  The book can be purchased at Amazon:

From Jill, co-authoring this book was an amazing experience and I was very lucky to be part of an incredible group of women.  I look forward to similar projects in the future.

Great article for those who have or who are considering adopting trans-racially

I thought this article a very sweet example of how our children love us no matter what we look like even when the rest of the world may look at us askance.  It is also a reminder that often the simplest answer is the one our children are seeking and/or needing: