Homestudy Services

The Homestudy is the first step in the adoption process.  Anyone who hopes to adopt must have completed the homestudy process.  In some states the homestudy may be completed by either an independent social worker or a licensed adoption agency, however, many states and agencies require adoptive families to have their homestudy completed by a licensed agency rather than an independent social worker.  If you are already working with an agency but need a homestudy, ask your agency if they are able to use a homestudy completed by an independent social worker of if the homestudy must be completed by a licensed adoption agency.

The homestudy includes but is not limited to the following:

  • background checks
  • financial statements
  • medical statements
  • home visit
  • letters of reference
  • birth certificates
  • marriage licenses-if applicable

The cost for a Homestudy completed by Your Adoptive Family is $2200 which includes a non-refundable $300 application fee and $1900 homestudy fee.

If you are interested in getting more information please contact our Executive Director: or if you are ready to get started you can simply complete the application and send it to the address on the application: Homestudy Application

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