There are many resources available to those hoping to adopt.  Here are some of the sites I have found to be most useful:

State by State Adoption Laws source of information about attachment

Blogs to follow:

Kevin Hoffman-very interesting site on race and transracial adoption.  Kevin is insightful and always an interesting read

The Adopted Life-Angela Tucker is an amazing woman and her documentary one of the best I have seen.  One of things I so appreciated about it, is the authenticity and they fact her Adoptive Family took the journey with her.

The Center for Adoption Medicine-very knowledgeable doctors about adoption and can schedule a pre-adoption consultation

PICC-information about caring for infants who have been exposed to drugs and alcohol during pregnancy

Evan B. Donaldson Institute-lots of information about adoption including research and educational tidbits

American Adoption Congress-information about adoptee and birthparent rights

Lamda Legal Defense Fund-good source of information for Gay and Lesbian families

Child Welfare Information Gateway-great source of parenting tips and much much more

Codeswitch-good source of information about race relations

PACT resources:  I am putting these resources up for the folks who attended my presentation at the PACT training, however, others are more than welcome to look at them as well…

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