Therapy Services

Life is a journey and as a therapist, my goal is to help individuals and families find joy in their journey and achieve balance in their lives. I approach individuals and families with respect and acknowledge everyone is unique and brings their own strengths to the table .  I specialize in the areas of attachment and bonding, healing trauma and trans-racial adoption issues.

I value working with individuals and families from all walks of life and specialize in working with those who are part of the adoption triad, including birthparents, adoptive parents who are considering adoption or who have adopted, and those who may have been in foster care or who have been adopted. I work with teens, adults, and parents with children of all ages.

Finally, I consult with individuals and couples to help them decide if adoption is the right decision for them as well as with parents about the unique aspects of parenting a child who has been adopted. Adoption consultation may include talking about what adoption looks like, what you can expect during the process, and what are some of the things you can expect after the child is placed in your home. Parenting consultation may include helping parents to understand their own parenting and attachment styles, how those styles might affect an adopted child, what resources your child and family might need and how to obtain those resources, and providing a safe space for parents to be seen and heard.

If you are interested in obtaining therapy services or have questions please contact Jill Dziko at: or 206-408-7219.

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