Over the years I have been asked by many clients for support both pre and post adoption.  Many people are overwelmed and confused by the amount of information about adoption and need help deciding how to start the process.  Other people need help deciding if they should accept a match and need support during the waiting time until the baby is born.  While others have asked for support after the baby is born with things like appropriate books, how to talk with their child about adoption, how to talk with their families about adoption, there are a wide range of support needs in adoption.

I have a unique perspective as both and adoptive parent as well as an adoption professional and I truly enjoy supporting families through the entire adoption process.  I can provide support tailored to the individual family as well as support groups designed for a larger group; sometimes it is very helpful to have other parents to talk with.

If you are considering adopting a child of a race, ethnicity or culture that is different from your own, please go to: and read their resources on trans-racial adoption and watch their video: ” Considering Trans-racial Adoption: 4 questions to ask yourself”. Also visit Angela Tuckers website:

Please do your research prior to completing the application for in the words of Angela Tucker, ”  I was keenly aware that I did not quite belong. Because to belong meant that I could find products for my coarse afro-textured hair at a local store, makeup would be available in my skin color and I wouldn’t be petted on a weekly basis by curious citizens who wondered what my hair felt like. To belong meant I’d need to be white.”

It is essential that you fully understand what it means to parent a child of a different race, ethnicity and/or culture before bringing that child into your home.

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