A blast from the past…

This is a video I was in from 2007.  It was part of the now defunct, Colors NW.  Sorta makes me cringe now…  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ekMZw_mP-Xc

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A Funny…

I talk with  A LOT of adoptive parents about the annoying, embarrassing and down right rude questions they face as adoptive parents.  This video sums up what I wish I could tell everyone else… http://www.rageagainsttheminivan.com/2014/04/if-you-wouldnt-say-it-about-boob-job.html

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Why join the Your Adoptive Family family?

Your Adoptive Family is a fully licensed non-profit adoption agency,  As such, our homestudies and post-placement reports are accepted by all States, agencies and attorneys you may work with. Your Adoptive Family provides the following: 1.  Individualized and tailored services to fit your unique adoption needs 2.  Consultation services for families who are considering adoption 3. Homestudy, post-placement and […]

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Disturbing look at the practice known as “re-homing” adopted children

This Reuters article discusses what happens to children who are “re-homed” by parents who no longer want to parent them.  Children are not objects to be discarded when adults find they cannot or are unwilling to parent them! I find this article disturbing on so many levels and I beseech anyone who is considering becoming a parent […]

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