Why join the Your Adoptive Family family?

Your Adoptive Family is a fully licensed non-profit adoption agency,  As such, our homestudies and post-placement reports are accepted by all States, agencies and attorneys you may work with. Your Adoptive Family provides the following: 1.  Individualized and tailored services to fit your unique adoption needs 2.  Consultation services for families who are considering adoption 3. Homestudy, post-placement and […]

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Disturbing look at the practice known as “re-homing” adopted children

This Reuters article discusses what happens to children who are “re-homed” by parents who no longer want to parent them.  Children are not objects to be discarded when adults find they cannot or are unwilling to parent them! I find this article disturbing on so many levels and I beseech anyone who is considering becoming a parent […]

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Powerful look at the “one drop” rule and self-identification

I can’t tell you how many times I have heard this sentence from Caucasian potential adoptive parents, “we are okay adopting a child of mixed heritage as long as they are part white so they will identify as white”.  There are so many problems with that statement that I won’t go into it all now […]

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Therapy, consultation and support services in West Seattle…

Our office in West Seattle provides therapy services for children, adults and families, consultation services for those who are considering adoption and support services for those who have been touched by adoption or are considering adopting.  Our therapist specializes in adoption, attachment, trauma and trans-racial adoption.  Jill believes all individuals are unique and possess the skills and strengths necessary to live full and productive […]

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