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Post-placement visits take place once you are home with your baby.  The number and frequency of post-placement visits are determined by the agency, sometimes the state where the baby was born and the State of Washington.  The good news is, this is not something you will need to worry about.  I will work closely with your agency and/or attorney to make sure we are fulfilling state and agency requirements with regard to the number and frequency of the post-placement visits.  Also, I will let you know what paperwork is needed for the post-placement process which generally consists of a report from the child’s pediatrician as well as proof of immunization.

The cost of post-placement visits are $500 for the first visit which occurs in your home* and $400 for each additional visit which occur in the YAF office.

*during the COVID pandemic some, if not all, post-placement visits may occur virtually. It is my policy to only meet in-peron with individuals who are fully vaccinated against the COVID virus which means meeting virtually with babies and/or children who are unable to be fully vaccinated.