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Supporting your adoption experience from start to finish

Creating family through adoption is an amazing, exciting, and daunting experience. After the wonderful experience of I adopting our three beautiful children, I created, Your Adoptive Family, a licensed adoption agency, to support adoptive families through the adoption experience from start to finish. 

As a licensed social worker, I have spent my career working with children and families. I understand, both personally and professionally, the vulnerability of expectant families who may choose to place their children for adoption as well as those who are hoping to adopt. 

As a homestudy provider, it is my mission to ensure children are placed with loving and well prepared adoptive families and my duty to ensure adoptive homes are in the best interest of the child.

As a therapist, it is my mission to support those who have been touched by adoption and/or foster care. 

Experience and Relationships Matter

Over the last 20 years I have been involved in 100s of adoptions, built relationships with dozens of reputable adoption agencies and attorneys throughout the country, and have a reputation of being conscientious, kind, and thorough. 

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What Clients Say

“We feel so fortunate to have met and worked with Jill. Jill not only completed our home study she also provided us with her referral services and post placement reports. Jill didn’t just act as a social worker; she was a teacher, counselor, and mentor. We learned so much from Jill about the adoption process and really felt much more comfortable going through the process with Jill supporting us. Without Jill we wouldn’t have our amazing baby boy. We are thankful for Jill every day!
Beth Graham
2 Adoptions
“My partner and I worked with Jill for a few years through the adoption process. We still remember our first meeting, where Jill patiently answered our many questions (the same ones I’m sure she has answered many times). Jill was also patient with us when we had to place the adoption on hold due to a family emergency, and excited when we were ready to resume. She thoughtfully guided us through the entire process and each step. We grew to trust her judgement and expertise without question, and many times we had to seek her counsel on specific adoptive cases. In the end we ended up with a beautiful, healthy baby girl.
“Jill – thank you so much for being there for us when we set out to have our family through adoption. I can not imagine going through such an intense and emotional process with anyone else. From the start you were a knowledgeable resource, a calming influence and an empathetic friend. I will never forget the joy in your voice when you told us about Zachary – 7 years ago. Because he was born in Mississippi, we were the first choice for Logan’s birthmom 2 1/2 years later. If not for your resourcefulness AND sound advice… I think we’d still be in Mississippi waiting for the paperwork to clear :-).
Jean and Jenny
"Words can’t describe how grateful we are for your referral services. I really believe we might not be parents if not for you. We certainly would not have this amazing little boy. Your support was wonderful and helped us navigate our way though the entire process and protected us from less scrupulous people who might have taken advantage of us. You have such a special place in our hearts and we will forever sing your praises.
Tami and Mike
"We love working with Jill! She did everything including writing our home study, providing referral services, and completing our post placement reports. The time and attention Jill gave us made us feel like we were her only clients (even though I know she was very busy with other families as well).Not only is working with Jill like working with a knowledgeable friend, but she also understands the unique challenges LGBT parents face when adopting.
Justin and Chad
"We worked with Jill through our adoption process and I cannot image a better advocate. She is the best… grounded, personable, knowledgeable, practical and professional.
Sarah, Jody, Zoe
"The highest recommendation for Jill as the provider of services required for the adoption process: *The Homestudy, *Counseling on all adoption toipcs as well as all family related and child development themes, *Post-Placement home Visits. Jill was our social worker before, during and after the adoptions of two of our children. Jill’s savvy regarding individuals and families of all walks of life, compassion, academic and educational background, experience (professional AND personal), and her genuine love and concern for the well-being of all and children of the world make her the ideal go-to person for help with the adoption process.
Keri and Scott