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Let's Start at the Very Beginning

The adoption process starts with a lot of important questions. Your Adoptive Family provides consultation services to help you to understand the Adoption Process from beginning to end, including but not limited to following:

  • Type of Adoption-Domestic, International or foster to adopt
  • Homestudy Process
  • Drug and alcohol use during pregnancy
  • Trans-racial adoption
  • Infant and older child adoption
  • LGBTQIA+ adoption
  • Single parent adoption
  • What agency and/or attorney to use
  • What to do while you are waiting
  • What to do once you have been matched
  • What happens if you adopt from a state other than the state you reside in
  • What happens once the baby is born
  • What happens in the hospital
  • When do we get to take the baby home
  • What happens once we are home

Your Adoptive Family does not provide legal services and/or legal advice.

Consultation is billed at $155 per session